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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Yay! First new comic in over a month! Huzzah!! This should get the ball rolling for new comics.

Chapter four is just around the corner. This is when the story will be less “slice-of-life”ish and more like… uhm… an actual story.

Remember, the comments thingy is no longer active, so if you want to say something nice about today’s comic, you’ll have to do it on the Moose River Forum. OK?? PLEEEEEEZE??!

Alright…. OK let’s see. First, my vacation has been over for a week now, but I’ve been extremely busy with catching up. Working and all that. I haven’t done a single Moose River Regular comic at all since the last one, and I don’t plan on doing any until I’m done with this server move.

Oh yeah, about the server move. I found a better web host than Fuitadnet called Dreamhost. I got this deal where I can host unlimited domains and subdomains as well as have like… 25GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth for like $10 a month. Which is nice because I’ve got a shitload of domain names which have been unused for a while because Fuitadnet only let me use two of them. I’m currently in the process of moving over to the new server. When that’s done, my business website, P-Tip Productions as well as Moose River will make the transistion. You’ll know it’s being worked on if both sites are down… it’ll be down for like a day or so while the domain names are being transfered. So like…. when Moose River is down, you’ll know why.

Once I start getting the ball rolling on regular comic updates again, I’m gonna go through the entire archive and update it to look similar to “today’s” comic. As you’ll notice, I’ve 1) added greytone to the page to sort of make things look a little bit more visible, 2) typed the dialogue, and hopefully now it’ll be a lot easier to read, and 3) changed the bottom text bar. Hopefully these changes will make it a bit more readible. The UN Security Council issued me an ultimatum; I should type my comic, or else I will be invaded in order to comply to the UN’s wishes. :)

Also planned is a site redesign, although I still think the current design is good enough. Maybe I can just use what I’ve got and fix it up a bit. In any case though, I’ve permanently disabled the simplistic comments thingy. It was fun and easy, but I suppose it was a bit TOO easy to use, as spammers figured out a way to automate spamming. Beh. Anyways, I’m not gonna delete what’s already been commented, but I would instead encourage you to hang out at the forums more often and discuss my comic there. OK? :)

So yeah… pardon the dust, I’m still working hard and shit. New comics soon….