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Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Actually… fucking me isn’t to woeful. But anyways….

Woe is me! Woe is me! I hit up the San Diego Comic Con this year and check out all the cool shit they have every year and all the other very obvious reasons. So I work out a place to stay, catch a flight down there, and walk up to the Registration area Wednesday and said “Hey, gimme a ticket for today and tomorrow.” But alas my attempts were thwarted because of one minor change to the SDCC’s policies: NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION! PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY!


I spent all that money to fly down there, I spent all that cash renting a car, I spend all that money renting a Motel 6 for six fucking nights and what did it get me? NOTHING! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!

[deep breath]

…Actually I’m not so pissed about this; I lied about all the money I spent. I flew down for free ‘cuz my brother works for an awesome airline company so I get his flight benefits. My cousin lives in San Diego so I got free lodging while down there and use of her car. The only real thing I’m bugged about was I wasn’t able to chill with my ทดลองเล่นฟรี 500 Chi-town homies and other folk I’ve been meaning to meet IRL.

Fortunately too, seeing as I really didn’t want to spend an entire weekend down in San Diego for nothing, my cousin needed to return back to SF to pick some stuff up (she was in the process of moving), so I hitched a ride with her.

So…. oh well, better luck next year.

Boing Boing and the Case of the Unpublished Posts

Monday, July 21st, 2008

I still don’t quite understand why Boing Boing is in the heat they’re in over some posts they removed from their site. For those who don’t know… ultralarge blog Boing Boing decided to “unpublish” some posts they wrote about some chick for some reason (apparently to avoid litigation of the Scientology-esque brand). This in turn pissed off a bunch of readers because apparently there’s a rule of the internet that says bloggers aren’t supposed/allowed to revise, reedit, or delete their own posts.

Honestly I think that’s a bunch of bullshit. Bloggers aren’t government entities. Bloggers can do whatever they want to do with their sites. And if people say that it’s a bad idea to delete posts because readers will get pissed off or will at least react in some unsavory way… so what? The internet is not exempt from the laws of reality just because it’s “the internet”. No one has the right to NOT get pissed off because something happened.

I think the staff at Boing Boing is intelligent enough to realize that actions have consequences, even if those consequences actually play out or not. If of course readers choose to not want to read Boing Boing again, so be it. But if in the end all this bullshitting about them “unpublishing” posts is just a bunch of hot air, then whatever. However I think readers should understand that as much as bloggers would love to appeal to their readers, in the end they are not obligated to them, and so bloggers will do what they want to do for whatever reason.

I guess I should use this opportunity to restate my own policies for this site: I want to write a story and build a website that makes both YOU readers and myself happy. But in the end, my own happiness takes precedent, so I reserve the right to go all “George Lucas” (and now “Boing Boing”) with my own work. Pages WILL be deleted. Lines WILL be revised. Jokes WILL be removed. Of course I do hope that these revisions will make you guys even happier in the end. BUt I don’t care if there is this unwritten law of the internet that states I can’t revise, reedit or delete my own work. I will say this as bluntly as possible: FUCK the “laws” of the internet. Moose River is a territory that I etched out on my own, so it is subject to my own rules. And as long as I’m able to write my own rules as to how I wish to run my site, I accept all the consequences my actions might create (ex. readers getting pissed off at what kind of revisions I made, losing readers because I don’t update often.).

Uh… so yeah. Really, everyone is unbounded by the universe to act in a specific way. Nothing stops Boing Boing from unpublishing their own posts. Nothing can prevent you from getting pissed off because some blogger unpublished their own work. Nothing can stop readers from refusing to visit a website because they’re pissed off. I think once people understand all this, the flame wars of the internet might die out a bit.

The worst thing about jopes

Friday, July 18th, 2008

EDIT 20080719: Alrighty, it’s up. This was certainly one of the most time consuming pages I’ve ever done. Blarf!

It’s 7:49am PST… …and I’m way too sleepy to finish this page.

Bad news though, I work all day Friday, so I won’t be able to work on this page until I get home at like 9:30pm. :( I had hoped to get this page up like right now, but for some reason writing a rant about how much I dislike the iPhone took precedent. What’s my problem?!

Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver by bree

Friday, July 18th, 2008

( This week’s win comic of win! )

I’d thought I’d share with you guys a comic which is undoubtedly more popular than mine. I say that because if mine was more popular, bree would be posting a link to mine instead of the other way around. That’s how these things work on the internet.

It’s something of an understatement to say that I think the comic is pretty funny. Frankly it’s really LOLish. I would like to see more sex and drugs in the comic, and it certainly could use more June Cleaver, but what levels that are present within the series is extremely acceptable. I shall keep an eye on this comic for as long as I have eyes. And I hope you enjoy it too…. bree is certainly deserving of it. :)

I’ve Been Living

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Live at 11AM PST, it’s the first new page in a month! Yeah well…. I’ve started to notice how the weeks are my new days. Single, 24 hour days don’t seem like a whole “day” anymore to me. This means like, maybe I wanna take a small four day break… before I know it, it’s four weeks later. Blarf. Anyways, I’m hoping to get another page in on Friday and Monday and Friday, thus restarting the cycle.

In other news, I’ve been slowly working on the archive and have been cleaning pages up once again. I’ve finished the first 25 (as well as as #000). Other than general edits, the purpose of this really is just to strip the pages of the halftones, clean up the speech bubbles and other junk. You’ll see what I mean. This of course won’t be the last of the archive re-edits… ’cause the big task for the next time around will be to get rid of all the quote-unquote “lineshading” job I did on the backgrounds, which was done before I started adding shading to the comic. For example, here’s Anne’s car back in 2005, and this is is now. All those lines in the background of her car disappeared at some point (and her seats also magically went from light to dark). Them lines appear all over the place, but it’s a real summummabitch to edit out; these pages are probably the worst offenders of this ill-fated lineshading technique… so I’ll get them all next time.