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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Sorry ’bout the downtime there. Looks like I forgot to pay the webhosting bill. But I got that all paid up, and so we’re back up.

Oh and I think I’m pretty much done with being rested after APE and working on three pages a week for like two months straight. So uh… sometime soon I should be posting the first pages of Chapter Seven. Yup.


Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

This is the most important election of this generation. I don’t care who you vote for since both front runners are guys I like. But it’s important that you vote, if only for its own sake!


APE 2008!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Not too bad this year, though Sunday was a bit slower than Saturday (which is weird as it’s usually the other way around). Some notes and observations:

* Shout out to my Cute Overload fan; I didn’t catch your name! I hope you managed to get home alright on Saturday! Thanks again for your fan…ingness!
* Had a fun conversation with Nerdegade artist/writer, Adriana. Love yer specks, BTW. ;)
* Also note to self, see about submitting something to‘s Comix section.
* My next door neighbor this time was Sonámbulo artist/writer, Radael Navarro.

In the end I still made more than I did last time, so that’s all that really matters to me. Furthermore I’m satisfied with the idea that I was able to crank out Book Two like that. I mean, having Book One almost felt like a fluke, a one-hit wonder. But now that Book Two exists, it proves to me that the story is not some fluke but an effort that I feel is worthy of attention.

I’m also a bit burnt out of doing cons… but one thing I noticed is that being prepared for a con ahead of time relieves a lot of the pressures of doing it. Since I had Book Two pretty much finished by the time APE rolled along, even though I didn’t have it on Saturday, it was still ready to go for Sunday as all I had left to do was print the covers and bind the pages together. Everything else about the booth was basically ready to go. This as opposed to this past FanimeCon where I totally dropped the fucking ball and wasn’t prepared for it one bit.

Still though, doing these cons is such a drain on my energy and resources. I’ve been working so much that whatever free time I can get my hands on is very precious to me. But with APE this past weekend, essentially I’ve been working all weekend; my last free day was last week last Sunday and my next free day will be this upcoming Saturday. Oh boy. With this in mind, my con plans for 2009 are absolutely in the air. I paid for a table for FanimeCon 2009, and I still desire to do APE next October as APE is like my measuring stick for how well I’m doing. But aside from those two cons, I dunno if I’ll be doing anything else. Maybe I can do some one-day cons, like the SF Zine Fest, as I’m sure I’ll be totally prepared for that event to where doing it won’t be any sweat off my back to begin with. Big multi-day events though will be probably right out through. But who knows how I’m gonna feel by next year?

Also something else to consider: APE 2008 was the catalyst I needed to get me to buckle down and finish the rest of Chapter Six in order for me to complete Book Two to sell. And I’m proud with myself for being able to do so. With that in mind, I’ve given myself another deadline. APE 2009 will be over the weekend of October 17th and 18th; I desire to finish Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine by October 1st, 2009 in order for me to release them in a Book Three, and in turn work on a Complete edition for APE 2009. This gives me about fifty weeks to complete some one hundred pages. Now given that my update schedule is supposed to be twice a week, this isn’t at all impossible for me to pull off. In fact, I might be able to reach that deadline sooner if I update thrice a week every now and again, which also isn’t at all impossible for me to pull off. The excitement I have for having completed Book Two is enough to motivate me to try to get the last three chapters done up in time for me to sell by APE 2009. I really hope that’s enough for me to get it done! (^_^)

APE Update

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Hello to everyone who just found out about my wittle ol’ comic! I hope you enjoy(ed) it! (^_^)

As for how I’ve done so far… well, so far, so good! I made more this Saturday than I did the Saturday of APE2007, which in turn made more than the Saturday of APE2006. I even sold more physical copies than I did the last Saturday. This also considering that it started at 11am and I didn’t my booth set up until like 1:30, 2PMish. I expect to do just as well tomorrow, considering that I plan on getting there at 10:30. :D My theory

Right now I’m with my brother at home, just about to make a 2AM Kinko’s run. Ahhh… such is the con life! :)