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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Your eyes dost not decieve you! You are reading ANOTHER post from me! Huzzah!

So here’s what this one is about…

First off, apparently there’s something wrong with the commenting thingy. I’ll try to get that fixed.

Secondly, I’m looking to work on ANOTHER minicomic, MOOSE RIVER RETAILS, which will be the book I work on after MOOSE RIVER. I got the idea that I should write minicomics to get the “feeling” of a book down before I actually make the book. Kinda like a pilot for a TV show. It’ll also gauge people’s opinion’s on the story and see what I’ll need to change for when I actually start work on the book.

So the two minis I wanna work on–Adventure Battlemon and Moose River Retails–will be what’ll be the foundation for the actual books. I may actually continue writing these mini-comics for some of my other ideas so I can at least have something to show for them later on, and at least have a foundation for when it comes time to turn those ideas into books.

I might just be onto something here….!

I’m not dead! I’m just… Pining for the Fjords!

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

I swear to you guys that I’m not dead. In fact, I wat to say that I love you ALL! Also, even if I’m not making new Moose River pagers, it’s still not dead to me… I chose “writing” as my career choice and “comics” as my means… I even did a presentation in my Creative Writing class using/about Moose River! I’ll post it online to prove that I still wanna do Moose River!

Actually, I also wanna spend a moment to tell you guys that I’m working on a new mini-comic, which maybe will help me get my juices flowing again for Moose River. It’s called ADVENTUREBATTLEMON! It’s gonna be a Pokémon parody/homage that I’ve been kicking around for some time now, inspired by Jeffrey Brown’s Transformer’s parody/homage “Incredible Change-Bots”.

I was inspired to write ADVENTUREBATTLEMON after poking around /vp/ on 4chan and getting a kick out of the Pokémon related comics there. So I figure I would just rip ‘em off, change “Pokémon” to “Adventurebattlemon” and I’ll be in Wincity! LULZ! But seriously, I won’t rip ‘em off, I’m capable of writing my own jokes… I think. We’ll see.

OK so the background to Adventurebattlemon (or stylized as Advéntürêb?ttlēm?n) is… well, lesse. First off, back in the day during the time of my old Pokémon fansite (Pokémon Aaah), I created a new version of Pokémon called “Pokémon USA“. It was also helped into being by Mr. Terry Tibke and his brother Brian. Between the two of us we created 149 new Pokémon, characters, gyms, and whatnot… but apart from some story foundations and a simple DOS game made by my friend Jimmy Cannon, the idea went nowhere.

Fastforward to 2008 when I discovered Jeffrey Brown’s Transformers homage/parody, “Incredible Change-bots”, which inspired me to make my own parody/homage? But what do I love as much as Transformers that I can not only parodize, but is also part of my potential reader’s personal psyche? POKéMON!! I then remembered that I had a whole world that I didn’t get to use, and with Terry’s blessings (and credit), Adventurbattlemon was born.

The story itself will be slightly tweaked from the original “Pokémon USA” idea… Like, oddly enough, I didn’t create Starter Pokémon for PUSA, it just started with some random Pokémon. So, I’ll need to fix that. I’ll also create new Poké–er… Adventurebattlemon that are based on specific Pokémon and related memes and jokes, like Slowpoke, Mudkip, Bidoof, Gardevoir, and so on. I might be able to use existing PUSA Pokémon for them (like I have a Bidoof-esque PUSA guy called “Grounder”), but for the most part I’ll just make new guys. The other guys that already exist will still be part of it. The story itself will cover the Pokémon franchise as a whole, so it’ll have jokes based on the general franchise, the anime, the video games, and everything else. Whee!

I’m first gonna make twenty to thirty-six page minicomic which’ll be an overall, general summary of the style of the main series, just as a sort of “pilot” for the main series later on… But I’ll just stick with the minicomic first and work on the main series much MUCH later (at least after I finish Moose River).

So…, once I start working on Adventurebattlemon, I’ll be sure to post them here. It may mot be Moose River (though the “Adventurebattlemon” franchise will be owned by Durochi Systems and be a nostalgia trip for Anne and Shea), but at least it’s something new.

See you in two years!!