OK, so here’s the plan…

I’ve been jealously guarding my “spark” over the last few days just to make sure it doesn’t fizzle on me, and so far it seems to be doing fine. … Now I’ve been giving it a lot of thought yesterday and now I know what I need to do with this site. So the plan is:

  • I’m gonna completely revise Moose River. I don’t plan on redrawing EVERY single page, however many frames or entire pages will be redrawn or replaced.
  • I will also remove a lot of the extra junk on the site (like the Outtake pages and Moose River #0), at least off the “main series” and instead onto the “Stuff” page.
  • I also will basically “blank” out this site and start from scratch. Don’t worry, I’ll keep a backup of everything at like “old.MooseRiver.us” or something, so at least none of this disappears. However, I wanna be able to start this story over, and feel like it.
  • FOR YOU LONG-TIME READERS: Don’t worry, I plan on adding new things to each of the old pages, just so it doesn’t look like you’re completely re-reading everything again.

The current plan is to release four updated pages every Monday and Friday until every single page that has been released has been released. Afterwards I’ll be releasing absolutely new pages one at a time every Monday and Friday as well.

It’s gonna be boring for a long while as old pages are rereleased again (even though there will be some major updates to them), but I promise you it’ll be worth it in the end. (Assuming I can keep my promise this time.)

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