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Yeah, but like… I’m finally over that

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I thought I posted this page last night but I guess it didn’t go through. I’m gonna post Fridays comic tonight, so you might miss this one.

The Ninja guy is actually L33t_Ninja of my Sister-in-Arm Jen’s comic Mystic Revolution fame. In fact, the events depicted on this page (and Friday’s as well) actually happened in Mystic Rev. However, while Jen’s comic deals with life in game, I’ve sort of provided an IRL explination of why Shea/Gothgrrl did what she did in the game. Here’s what happened in Mystic Rev to give these pages a bit of context.

OK So I get this email from Brian about what’s

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Here’s Monday’s comic. I’ll get Wednesday’s up sometime very soon.


Monday, March 24th, 2008

Aaah… nothing like an on time comic. :)

Y’know, I was thinking… I never thought I would have written 160 pages of anything, but here I am. My younger selves, predominantly my high school self, is looking at me right now and is astonished with where I’ve gotten thus far. Now I wouldn’t say that I ever thought of myself as a failed writer. But I’ve always longed for the day when I could actually start writing something and finish it, seeing as pretty much everything I’ve ever written in the past never reached completion. I have CDs upon CDs of incomplete work, which have always kinda mocked me.

Ever since I first discovered comics, I wanted to write them. I can flash back to any number of comics I tried to start. I created a few “issues” for my super hero team, X-Flock, but it never went anywhere. I did come close to completing an entire X-Flock story, but God only knows what happened to it.

I used to write Battle Angel Alita fan fiction, but most of my work ended up being four or fives pages, all of which ended up on the scrap heap. The largest document I ever created was called The Gunnm Documentary, which was a large collection of notes and stories which intended to tell the prehistory of the Battle Angel Alita universe… but this was before the recent Last Order series was written. Fortunately there was enough original material in The Gunnm Documentary for me to strip it of any Alita reference and still keep the story intact. Now it’s the foundation for Martian Uprising, my sci-fi epic that I’m going to work on years on down the road. Still, even the Gunnm Documentary wasn’t something I considered to be completed work that I would have been proud to put my name on.

Then there was when I started work on my first webcomic, The Book Of Huzzah. I was surprised that it lasted some 103 pages. The first webcomic story I wanted to write for The BOH was called I’m Screw’d, but I only managed about five pages between two different attempts. The next original story that I tried to write, Skyhowl Legacy, lasted like 16 pages; more than I ever produced up to that point, but still something that I couldn’t get myself to want to finish. And when I started Moose River, the first attempt at writing a more narrative story lasted 30 pages; more than Skyhowl but again it wasn’t anything to write home about.

The most I’ve ever done of any one art project, quantity wise, was when I had my Pokémon website; I created something like 450 fake cards for the Pokémon card game. But those things were easy to make; I used to make like three to five of them every few days, and this was over a period of like five years. 450 fakes still was quite a feat, but then again, it wasn’t a story.

Moose River (the current incarnation) is finally something I can be proud of. 160 pages alone has certainly proven to me that I can finally write a story that I don’t see as yet another a failed attempt. I hope this trend continues! :)


Friday, March 21st, 2008

Whoops! I fell asleep last night in the middle of working on this.

BTW, the last frame was not inspired by Superbad, it was something I’ve had in my notes since pretty much the beginning. This was just the first opportunity I had to use it.

C’mon, I got this s**t

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

OK so I missed the last three posting days… I’m gonna look into making that up to you guys in some form or another. But right now it’s 4AM and I’m dead tired.