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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

I don’t feel really hot right now.

…by showing up to Dan’s party… it’s

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

More comics coming your away… I’ve got a lot of extra time to spend on project these next few days.

In the mean time, this is what happened to me for the past two weeks; either it was ON vacation, or it was the time spent working on this epic photo diary. Woot!

So… how

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Bwhahaha! It sure did take me long enough to update the next page, didn’t it? … I’m kinda sleepy right now, but swing by tomorrow for like a full report or what happened. Pictures included! I’m also gonna try to update as many comics as I can. I have three days off from everything, which is a lot of Me-time to spend on catching up on some work. It’ll be the first time since the end of the semester (about one month ago) that I had time to myself.

Anyways, more comics to come!


Monday, June 5th, 2006

OK, here’s the deal…. I’ve been really busy these past two weeks, and I’ve got vacation time for about a week from this Wedneday… which will be spent in LA, away from my computer. So pretty much I won’t have another comic posted after this one until like… at least after the 13th or 14th. Maybe. I might be able to squeeze ONE more in before Wednesday, but don’t count on it.

Though I do want to point out that I WANT to have Chapter 3 done before the end of July, just in time for Wizard World Chicago. That way I can have all three chapters of Moose River Regular to sell there…. but it means I’d better hustle my ass and shit out another 20, 25 pages before then. Eep!

But as a special gift, I rediscovered what I did with the first version of Moose River Regular, the one that I thought really sucked and needed to redo. There’s a missing page #33 from that link, which I didn’t make a page for because it was the last most comic. You might be able to recognize some scenes and concepts I swiped from this original version, as well as some particular differences. Mind you I will be reusing some other bits and pieces from this original version. Most of the reasons why I gave up on this version will be pretty obvious when you read it. Aside from the fact that is was crap, it had no story or direction. I really don’t think the CURRENT Moose River Regular has a story or direction either, but at least it’s better than what I did before. Anyways, that’s that. It’ll make one heck of an “outtakes” section in the eventual inevitable Moose River Regular graphic novel. :)

Oh also, I’m maybe two or three characters away from introducing everyone I think is worth introducing. I mean I’m sure there will be more characters I’ll introduce in the later chapters, but the ones I introduce in the first three chapters are ones of particular interest. Mog and Lars here are actually characters on loan from my friend, Paul Schroeder. He created comic for them in high school (which I’ll post online as soon as I can find them again), but have since let me borrow them for use in Moose River Regular. Yup! … That’s all I got for now.


Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

Nothing big here. Two more comics left until the end of the chapter!