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Yeah uh… that’s Jason. We

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

OK, this is the last comic for Chapter 1. Guest comics should be up for the next few comics… hopefully. Then Chapter 2. Neat!


Plippy (Nov 25, 2005, 14:53):
Oh hahah no… Avery has a regular plain head of hair. Shea was just joking around about the baldness part (she does that a lot). :P

Jamie (Nov 25, 2005, 14:35):
Here’s a stupid question. Is Avery bald wth a comb-over. I can’t realy tell, and I remeber Shea alluded to a bald head. Js wondering

Vlad Damien (Nov 25, 2005, 9:24):
Guestcomic-wise, it’s actually a 2 pager :P

-Vlad D.

I think there might be

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

OK, here’s the deal. Enough people have complained about my poor and/or tiny handwriting. But I’m complaining about having to rewrite everything in Photoshop, which takes more time than I’d like to spend. So here’s a compromise; if you click on the comic (or click on the “enlarge this comic” link below each comic), you’ll be treated to a larger version of that comic. This way I don’t have to waste time rewriting things, and you’ll be able to read the comic better. Cool, huh? … Only yesterday’s and today’s comic are enlarged, it’ll be a while for me to go back through the archive to enlarge them…. but it’ll happen! :)

I mean, I will try to be conscious about my writing, because I really do intend for people to be able to read the comic without having to zoom in…. but I guess it’s there if you need it.

Anyways… that’s today’s comic. How about it?


Plippy (Nov 24, 2005, 18:37):
Right now I’ll take anything. ;) Besides, working out the math, I need two extra pages to fill up a 36 page mini comic, and between your guest comic and another from a friend of mine, that’ll do the trick. (Which means if you can get me like a print-worthy copy of your guest comic, that’s be HELLA awesome.)

Vlad Damien (Nov 24, 2005, 8:09):
Ah, lovely. The lowbie wants big killxx0rz for TEH XPxx0r of 1337!
Started drawing a guest comic… hope it’ll be up to par on what you want.
-Vlad D.

Plippy (Nov 23, 2005, 22:57):
I like how the word “fuck” is used three times in this comic.

Please be online…

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Coolio, I managed to shit this one out in no time!

Sorry for the smaller-than-normal text. Oh well, it’s not my fault if you can’t read my chicken stratch. :D

Shea likes to play online games. A lot. In Moose River, online games are now more of the virtual reality variety, kinda like the Total-Immersion-Videogames (TIVs) seen in Red Dwarf. Skyhowl Legacy is one major online game Shea plays with her Moose River friends (as you might notice, the character “Jean Paul” is really named Brian, who’ll you’ll meet IRL soon enough). Another game Shea likes to play is one called Mystic Revolutions, which also happens to be a web comic by my sister-in-arms, Jen Brazas. Not that I haven’t already plugged that comic enough times.

Soon Chapter One will be over… but not until I bring up a few more things I feel I need to cover in this first chapter. And also to fill up 33 pages of comics in order to fill a mini-comic (I’m on page 29 right now).

BTW, I’m considering opening a small message board for this comic, where what little fans I have can actually interact with each other and shit. How ’bout it?


Plippy (Dec 1, 2005, 1:00):
vio: What, between Mystic Revolution and Skywhol Legacy? They’re two different games! (As in, each game has a different set of character design attributes. It’s not like a character in Final Fantasy XI Online will look the same as one in World of Warcraft.)

vio (Nov 28, 2005, 16:40):
im a mega dork for noticing this, but why is shea’s vrtual reality outfit completely different, when the user is still the same? :D

Plippy (Nov 23, 2005, 18:42):
I’ve got an idea; starting with the next new comic, there will be a “click to enlarge” button that’ll allow you to view the comic in a larger format, allowing you to better read the comic. How ’bout THAT? :D

Plippy (Nov 23, 2005, 17:19):
I’ll work something out concerning the dialogue if more people complain about my writing, but it’s really time consuming to rewrite everything….

Coat (Nov 23, 2005, 16:35):
I like this comic a lot, but I have a VERY hard time reading it! I would much appreciate it if you started typing the dialogue and such, and make it easier on the eyes!

Plippy (Nov 23, 2005, 15:48):
Thanks Jamie! I’m glad you like Moose River. Keep visiting, it’ll get better. :)

Jamie (Nov 23, 2005, 14:41):
Hey, I realy like Moose River. I’ve been following your comic since it showed up on, and I have to say I’ve realy enjoyed the story thus far. It’s so refreshing to see a web comic that isn’t “manga style”. Also the story is realy easy to relate to and I like that it doesn’t have alot of web comic cliches. Anyway just wanted to say keep up the good work.

Plippy (Nov 23, 2005, 1:39):
Maybe the message board will come when the comic gets a little bit more popular.

Vlad Damien (Nov 22, 2005, 8:32):
Message boards are great… it can be like mine: empty! :P

-Vlad D.

Vlad Damien (Nov 22, 2005, 8:31):
Message boards are great… it can be like mine: empty! :P

-Vlad D.

I still care for your mother

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

You can’t imagine how difficult it is to write out some sort of crying sound.


Plippy (Dec 23, 2005, 6:01):
Note, due to retconned comic #24.5, the first frame of this comic is also new.

Plippy (Nov 21, 2005, 12:32):
A couple more comics left and I can turn this into a mini-comic!


Saturday, November 5th, 2005

I retconned this comic in to sort of bridge the gap a bit. I felt it needed it.