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I was being a

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Some of you guys might recognize a few things on this page. :)

OK I think that’ll be it for Chapter 4. Did you guys notice that it took me one year to work on it? Blah. But then again in all this time, I had to retool the chapter (having it be all about Navy really didn’t work as well as I planned), retool old pages, retool the site to use ComicPress, and then design a book. Finishing off Chapter 4 was just stuck in the middle of all this crap, but at least it’s all done and taken care of; chapter 5 should pass through with little problem now. Now I hope to start Chapter 5 Friday, but you guys know my track record for this kind of thing.

Oh also! Tomorrow is Moose River’s second anniversary! Yay! Part of me is somewhat upset, since in the beginning I wanted it have the whole nine chapters done by around this time. But now that I think about it, I’m actually fine with where I am right now. A lot of things have happened to me since starting this, and I think those experiences will help spice up Moose River in ways not having them wouldn’t. If you get what I mean. :3

Naw bro… only psycho bitches get

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Fucking sonovabitch…

Normally I do all my comic work on my old Power Mac G3. It may be old, but it’s good enough for what I need. This time though I decided to do it on a two year old PC laptop. Normally it takes me one hour to scan in a comic and finalize it for the web. For some reason it took me four hours to do the same shit on this PC laptop. It’s 9AM now and I didn’t get any sleep!! (Well, I did doze off while it took the dame thing 10 minutes to save.)

I know I know I’m sure it’s not Windows’ fault and stuff. But you can’t imagine how pissed off I am with how long it took me to make this damn page, and it’s not even finished (the last two frames are supposed to be tan). THIS combined with my lack of sleep just makes me want to toss this piece of shit laptop out the fucking window!!! FOUR fucking hours, man! FOUR HOURS!!! Three of them I could have spent sleeping, but NOOOOOOO!!!! FUCCCCCKKKKK!!!

EDIT: OK, a deletion of some Photoshop temp files and one hard drive defrag later and Photoshop and the laptop are working fine and dandy. (And as you’ll notice, the last two frames are finally tanned.) Fine by me!

Nope, no s**tting.

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Alrighty then, this is the first new comic in a month! And it’s on a Friday too, like I said! The next one will be up Monday. Then Friday, and so on. Finally, a set schedule! I can live with this easily.

Ah and once again this is a comic that I had posted previously but had taken down. It’s back up, albiet with one slight change: the last frame was from the next page to replace the original last frame, since the original last frame revealed too much about shit. Oh, and the text is new too. Blah blah blah blah blah.

As I mentioned, this page was a part of a set of pages that I had originally removed from the main series. Some of those pages that were removed actually were reintroduced into the main series, this page and a few before it were some of those pages. The next page in the main series is actually a new page, however you can read the next page of what was removed, as well as the rest of the removed pages, by clicking here.


Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Live from Maryland, it’s Otakon! And it’s a “new” page too! Now just as a reminder: I say “new” because this page doesn’t currently exist in the archives. However, truth is that this page was originally done up last October, but I took it down because it (and others) conflicted with the pacing of the story. That also explains why there is a huge gap in updates if you check out the archive calender. However, it now fits in perfectly. :)

Oh and yeah, this weekend is Otakon. And if you haven’t already heard me harping about it before, I’m having a booth there. Today’s the first day, so I really don’t have anything to say about it. I’ll give you guys a big-ass report on it later.

OH! If anyone is visiting this site for the first time ever, WELCOME TO MOOSE RIVER! I really hope you like my story, lots of other people have! It’s a good story, one that I’m sure you can relate to (provided you’re a twenty-something living in a populated, Western, Christian-dominated society).

Anyways, I hope you’ll stick around for more! Adios!

ORIGINAL POST: 11/13/2006
Boy, what a hellish past couple of weeks since the last page. I won’t bore you with details of it, but it involves two major programming assignments. In any case, they’re done and over with.

However, surprise surprise, I have two or three midterms this week. Then I go on vacation Saturday to LA to help my brother move back to SF. However, in keeping with my goal average of being able to at least do like nine or ten pages a month, I plan on getting some comics done this week. In fact, I guarentee 100% that there will be at least three this week (including this one). Maybe even more! I say 100% guarentee for at least three because I made them ahead of time! :) Hopefully I can get two more in. I’d like to….

Anyways, come by again shortly… the next page will reveal the truth to a certain mystery!

So where’re

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

OK, I’m off to Maryland! Fortunately I still have my comic buffer to share with you guys while I’m at Otakon. Yay!

ORIGINAL POST: 10/31/2006
Happy Halloween, peoples! This is what I did on Saturday…

On a side note, I just realized that just a few comics ago, I surpassed my first comic project, The Book of Huzzah, in terms of how many I’ve made. The BOH ended at comic #108, although I had maybe a few more I could have posted but eventually didn’t. Moose River is now up to #113, which is a major feat for me. Now… if I can get it up to #300 or so just to end the book. :)